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Become the best version of yourself.

Dive into Mindspace for positive energy, affirmations, and meditations to transform your thinking and support your journey to self-love and personal growth.

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Thousands of affirmations and meditations on topics for everyone.

Powerful controls to customize your listening.

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Craft Your Personalized Journey to Well-being.

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A Dose of Inspiration.

Explore affirmations sessions, and meditations to enrich your mind and heart. Stay connected with the latest in self-improvement and mental wellness. Our catalog features voices that resonate with you, from influencers to indie creators.

Titelbild für 'Increase training motivation'
Increase training motivation

Maybe you've often decided to finally do more sport and have failed again and again. Then it's time to get to the bottom of things and change something!

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Accept the aging process'
Accept the aging process

With a few simple adjustments to your everyday life, you can counteract the aging processes in your body.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'No more overeating'
No more overeating

Eat regularly. Skipping meals can trigger overeating later on.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'No more cravings'
No more cravings

Take control of your eating habits and reduce cravings. This session helps you eat healthier and effortlessly achieve your goals.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Stick to diets'
Stick to diets

Stay committed to your diet and achieve your health goals with ease. This session boosts your willpower and helps you enjoy balanced meals, keeping you on track for success.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Live optimal health'
Live optimal health

Live a life full of health and vitality. This session enhances your self-awareness and strengthens your resolve to lead a balanced and healthy life.

Session · Affirmationen

A wonderful meditation, and a really soft, gentle, pleasant voice 🌈😍🤗 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏

Lisa Musterfrau

Raj Patel

App- User

I find the voice so calming. I love how the affirmations are tailored specifically to me. It helps me reset my day as well as realign my perspective. This is very unique. Using this app feels like a healthy way to use my phone. Thank you!

Lisa Musterfrau

Ava Johnson

Wellness Coach

After just a few days I felt much more positive and stronger, as if I could move mountains again. My selected affirmations are now listened to every day💪. I now know that the only thing that can change is myself.

Lisa Musterfrau

Sofia Sanchez

App- User

Questions? Answers.

"Mindspace offers you a platform for personal development and well-being. We have an extensive collection of meditations and more than 5000 professionally recorded affirmations, organized into 20 different categories. Our content is designed to support you in your pursuit of happiness, satisfaction, and a successful life. Whenever and wherever you need them, our affirmations and courses are available to you."

No, free means free. You can test Mindspace for 7 days without any risk & costs. Watch as many meditations and affirmations as you like. After that, you can cancel at any time. Enjoy!

Mindspace offers you various pricing options: You can subscribe to us for €9.95 per week, €29.95 per month, or for the best value of €295 per year.

Currently, Mindspace supports iOS devices. Support for Android is in planning and will be available soon.

Your first 7 days are absolutely free. If you decide not to continue, you can directly and at any time cancel Mindspace in your App Store account.
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