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Titelbild für 'Eliminate distractions'
Eliminate distractions

Distractions at work waste time and cause stress. Constant interruptions increase the error rate. Minimize visual distractions by turning off animations, background images, and more.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Training'

During training, skills and knowledge about specific job profiles are imparted. The term further training refers to the deepening or expansion of knowledge and skills after an initial educational phase has already been completed.

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Titelbild für 'Develop self-esteem'
Develop self-esteem

Tauchen Sie ein in diese sorgfältig zusammengestellte Playlist von Affirmationen, um das Selbstwertgefühl zu stärken und den Selbstglauben zu fördern. Jede Affirmation dient als Erinnerung an Ihren inneren Wert.

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Titelbild für 'Be happy every day'
Be happy every day

For many, the state of happiness means the subjective feeling that is caused by personal actions such as success or top performance. Being happy actually depends on how you live your life and how successful it is for you.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Compliment others'
Compliment others

The goal of a compliment is to make the other person feel good. Most of the time you even feel a little better straight away.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Joy at work'
Joy at work

Satisfaction at work and enjoyment of work have many positive effects. Together they can increase work morale, positively influence teamwork and lead to a more intensive exchange of information and better communication

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Distract yourself'
Distract yourself

Distract yourself! Start new projects that fulfill you and make you happy - life is too short to be afraid for even a single hour.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Letting go of what was'
Letting go of what was

Letting go means freeing yourself from stressful things. ... It's usually negative feelings or thoughts that stress us out.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Free from fear'
Free from fear

The first step is to allow yourself to think that fear is generally not the enemy. Those affected can learn that their experience of fear is in their hands.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Phobias'

A phobia is an anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. Phobias typically result in a rapid onset of fear and usually persist for more than six months.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Improve performance'
Improve performance

Healthy lifestyle. The be-all and end-all of improving performance is a healthy lifestyle. The social demands placed on everyone are enormous. It is therefore essential that you get enough sleep and allow your body to rest.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Achieving Professional Recognition'
Achieving Professional Recognition

Regular positive feedback, including praise, appreciation, and respect, can be incredibly motivating for career advancement.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'True love'
True love

True love is unconditional. The partnership is not based on expectations of each other. If you have found true love, you will quickly notice that no specific things are expected from each other and that you never want to change each other.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Reward yourself for achieved goals'
Reward yourself for achieved goals

Going out for a nice meal, having a party, going shopping, reading a book, buying flowers, going to the cinema, a pampering weekend, massage, music... The most important thing is that you reward yourself immediately after reaching your goal. Don't wait several days, reward yourself as quickly as possible.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Get enough sleep'
Get enough sleep

Those who fall asleep easily, do not wake up completely during the night, do not wake up too early and feel refreshed in the morning have a good night's sleep.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Live optimal health'
Live optimal health

Live a life full of health and vitality. This session enhances your self-awareness and strengthens your resolve to lead a balanced and healthy life.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Accept the aging process'
Accept the aging process

With a few simple adjustments to your everyday life, you can counteract the aging processes in your body.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Exercise/sports'

The term sport encompasses various forms of activity that are mostly, but not exclusively, related to human physical activity. They often have a game and competitive character. Achieving goals is fundamental.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Be decisive'
Be decisive

Someone who always makes the right decisions, makes decisions quickly and easily, has first-class decision-making skills, can plan ahead easily, has confidence in every decision, weighs all options carefully, is admired by others for his determination, analyzes every possible outcome and Makes decisions based on all available facts and is considered a successful decision maker.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Accept yourself'
Accept yourself

Accepting myself means owning my abilities, being able to name them and knowing what makes me happy. It means perceiving my body and its signals. This connection gives me security. I can recognize my feelings and come to decisions that are good for me.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Exercise regularly'
Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity makes you stronger and increases your endurance. Exercise supplies your tissues with oxygen and nutrients and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Healthy eating'
Healthy eating

A healthy diet can have a positive impact on health and prevent many diseases. A balanced and varied selection of foods contributes to this. A healthy diet contains lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, but only a little salt and sugar.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Positive changes'
Positive changes

A new love, a birth or a promotion are definitely positive changes that we should focus more on. From a purely technical point of view, only an old state is left to take on a new one.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Believe in your abilities and strengths'
Believe in your abilities and strengths

Start using your strengths and believing in yourself, you will see that you can achieve so much more than you can imagine. We often dwell on things we can't do and don't like for far too long, instead of focusing on our strengths and working on our goals.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Muscle building'
Muscle building

As soon as you start moving (whether you're climbing, running, swimming, doing yoga, or lifting weights), your muscles experience resistance. When this resistance is stronger than what your body is used to, the muscle cells begin to increase and size.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Confidence'

This playlist promotes confidence and self-assurance. Each affirmation emphasizes inner strength, trust in one's abilities, and achieving goals. Be inspired and reinforce your self-image.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Strengthen your weaknesses'
Strengthen your weaknesses

Weaknesses are skills that are less developed than your strengths. They may be characteristics that are useful for your job, but which you only have to a limited extent.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Focus'

If you focus, you focus on a goal and dedicate yourself to it with all your strength, energy and passion in order to achieve it in the end

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Loving your body'
Loving your body

Self-love is the most important prerequisite for a happy and fulfilled life. Love your body exactly as it is!

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'To be happy'
To be happy

For many, the state of happiness means the subjective feeling that is caused by personal actions such as success or top performance. Being happy actually depends on how you live your life and how successful it is for you.

Session · Affirmationen

A wonderful meditation, and a really soft, gentle, pleasant voice 🌈😍🤗 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏

Lisa Musterfrau

Raj Patel

App- User

I find the voice so calming. I love how the affirmations are tailored specifically to me. It helps me reset my day as well as realign my perspective. This is very unique. Using this app feels like a healthy way to use my phone. Thank you!

Lisa Musterfrau

Ava Johnson

Wellness Coach

After just a few days I felt much more positive and stronger, as if I could move mountains again. My selected affirmations are now listened to every day💪. I now know that the only thing that can change is myself.

Lisa Musterfrau

Sofia Sanchez

App- User

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