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Titelbild für 'Joy at work'
Joy at work

Satisfaction at work and enjoyment of work have many positive effects. Together they can increase work morale, positively influence teamwork and lead to a more intensive exchange of information and better communication

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'jealousy'

Jealousy refers to thoughts or feelings of insecurity, fear, and concern over a relative lack of possession or security.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Exercise/sports'

The term sport encompasses various forms of activity that are mostly, but not exclusively, related to human physical activity. They often have a game and competitive character. Achieving goals is fundamental.

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Titelbild für 'Joy and Gratitude for Life'
Joy and Gratitude for Life

This session boosts your well-being on all levels - from your health to your inner contentment. Feel young, alive, and full of hope.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Allow emotions'
Allow emotions

An emotion describes the expression of feelings. However, an emotion consists not only of a feeling, but also of a reaction and the thought processes associated with the feelings experienced.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Healthy food'
Healthy food

Learn to eat healthier for a more balanced life. This session aids you in mindful eating, proper hydration, and presenting your meals in an appealing way.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Reduce stress'
Reduce stress

This playlist guides you on a journey of inner calm and balance. Each affirmation has been carefully chosen to cultivate a sense of safety, serenity, and prosperity. You are encouraged to fully live in the present moment, let go of fears, and open yourself to the positive energy of the universe.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Training'

During training, skills and knowledge about specific job profiles are imparted. The term further training refers to the deepening or expansion of knowledge and skills after an initial educational phase has already been completed.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Confidence'

This playlist promotes confidence and self-assurance. Each affirmation emphasizes inner strength, trust in one's abilities, and achieving goals. Be inspired and reinforce your self-image.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Forgive yourself'
Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself means letting go. It also means letting go of the past and giving you the opportunity to look and move forward. This field is for validation and should not be changed.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Continuing education'
Continuing education

Further vocational training is any further training that deepens or expands existing professional training. It takes place in the form of organized learning.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Reward yourself for achieved goals'
Reward yourself for achieved goals

Going out for a nice meal, having a party, going shopping, reading a book, buying flowers, going to the cinema, a pampering weekend, massage, music... The most important thing is that you reward yourself immediately after reaching your goal. Don't wait several days, reward yourself as quickly as possible.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Financial freedom'
Financial freedom

Those who are financially free are those who can cover their monthly fixed living costs plus the amount required for the luxuries they want without having to work and only through secure, passive income.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Be kind to yourself'
Be kind to yourself

Self-kindness means being understanding and kind to yourself rather than judging and criticizing yourself.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Effective Leadership and Career Success'
Effective Leadership and Career Success

Harness your inner leadership potential and work success with these positive affirmations.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Become more motivated'
Become more motivated

Motivation is what explains why people or animals start, continue or stop a certain behavior at a certain time.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Own opinion'
Own opinion

This playlist boosts your self-confidence and promotes belief in your own abilities. Each affirmation has been thoughtfully chosen to emphasize your inner strength, highlight your individuality, and remind you that you have control over your future.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'wealth'

Wealth means the abundance of material or spiritual values.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Accept yourself'
Accept yourself

Accepting myself means owning my abilities, being able to name them and knowing what makes me happy. It means perceiving my body and its signals. This connection gives me security. I can recognize my feelings and come to decisions that are good for me.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Go to bed earlier'
Go to bed earlier

A regular bedtime is important, especially when we have to get up early.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'individual responsibility'
individual responsibility

Personal responsibility means the obligation of the individual to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Forgive others'
Forgive others

Forgiveness is the renunciation of blame by a person who perceives themselves as a victim. This primarily inner-psychic process can be carried out independently of the perpetrator's insight and remorse.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Strengthen your weaknesses'
Strengthen your weaknesses

Weaknesses are skills that are less developed than your strengths. They may be characteristics that are useful for your job, but which you only have to a limited extent.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Preserved alive'
Preserved alive

If you want to keep your relationship alive, you should talk to your partner about future projects, goals, values and dreams - again and again.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'To deal with stress'
To deal with stress

For most people, dealing with stress means surrendering to the situation, feeling sorry for yourself, or buckling under the strain. Stress often manifests itself in many different ways, for example when there is too much work, too much pressure to perform and too little regeneration.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'The desire for more'
The desire for more

Wish is a desire for a thing or ability, an aspiration or at least the hope for a change in reality or perception or the achievement of a goal for oneself or for another.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Improve time management'
Improve time management

Time management is a measure to increase personal efficiency. The aim is to plan the tasks to be completed in such a way that a realistic and effective time allocation is created.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Forgive the parents'
Forgive the parents

Start giving yourself the love you always wanted from your father and mother. Then your resentment towards your parents will lessen and you will be able to forgive them more easily. Treat yourself the same way you would treat a good friend.

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Increase training motivation'
Increase training motivation

Maybe you've often decided to finally do more sport and have failed again and again. Then it's time to get to the bottom of things and change something!

Session · Affirmationen
Titelbild für 'Be happy every day'
Be happy every day

For many, the state of happiness means the subjective feeling that is caused by personal actions such as success or top performance. Being happy actually depends on how you live your life and how successful it is for you.

Session · Affirmationen

A wonderful meditation, and a really soft, gentle, pleasant voice 🌈😍🤗 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏

Lisa Musterfrau

Raj Patel

App- User

I find the voice so calming. I love how the affirmations are tailored specifically to me. It helps me reset my day as well as realign my perspective. This is very unique. Using this app feels like a healthy way to use my phone. Thank you!

Lisa Musterfrau

Ava Johnson

Wellness Coach

After just a few days I felt much more positive and stronger, as if I could move mountains again. My selected affirmations are now listened to every day💪. I now know that the only thing that can change is myself.

Lisa Musterfrau

Sofia Sanchez

App- User

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